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Redefining the Hair Industry

We are a solutions based company with a hyper-focus on solving issues in the hair industry. A lot of our daily life consists of the status quo and we are done with the status quo. Disrupt. Create. Improve. 

Our promise is to continue creating value driven products and bringing them to this industry. Our flagship model theCLASSIC had an amazing impact among stylists and barbers worldwide and we are proud to have challenged what is considered “the norm” when it comes to hairstylist bags. We will continue to provide the best tools for the industry.

Always be on the lookout for new and upcoming products from Tools And Bags as we continue to add to our product line.

The CLASSIC has completely alleviated all stress associated with my shears getting damaged, due to the amazingly functional detachable shear and comb case on the bottom of the bag. This safety was enough of a selling point for me, and the massive amount of tools I cold fit in the bag was just the icing on the cake. I’m now able to travel with two pairs of clippers, trimmers, my blowdryer, shears, combs, brushes, and a ton of extras. This amount of storage has made housecalls and on site work much less stressful, as I know I have backup tools and products I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to bring. The final thing I find cool about the CLASSIC is the actual aestetic appeal of the bag. The design is clean and simple, and the color of the bag is able to go with any clothing color you choose. I highly recommend the CLASSIC to any barber or hairdresser!


Whats awesome about TheClassic is it’s VERY unassuming at first, sleek and fashionable, dropping jaws every time I pack or unpack it in front of people. The first time I packed it I was blown away at how much was in it, and it was only 60 % full. I then found every accessory I would ever need for ANY service (almost as a joke) and still to my surprise I was all in with ease and a bit of extra room. Its look, color, and texture alone, pull people towards just to ask about as a fashionable toat bag. It’s all about the design for me, and this thing is handcrafted to answer a lot of questions out there in the hair and beauty industry about the perfect way to carry your kit. It literally carries your whole station!!! I wish these were available when I was in beauty school, instead of that huge box I had to lug around for a year. Im straight up ALL IN and highly recommend this to any hairstylist EVER!!!


Such an awesome bag for any hairstylist. It fits so much stuff that we pack around and because of the double zipper, it’s so easy to get to. Fits my balayage kit, along with all styling tools and implements. The carrying case on the bottom for your shears, combs clips and extras is a great side and easy to pack since it zips right off. Overall, I cannot recommend this bag enough for any hairstylist.


This is the perfect bag for any stylist who travels or moves stations. I work in a salon where we all share stations so my kit needs to be compact and easy to move. I am able to fit all of my brushes, blow dryer, combs, clips, shears, and color tools in here! The double zipper allows me to really stuff it full also. This also makes traveling so much easier as everything is all in one place and easy to grab on the go. The separation of the shear case is probably my favorite part. This is a must have!


I have been using TheClassic now for almost a month and it is definitely a game changer! This bag is the Mary Poppins bag of hair styling! It literally holds all my tools and then some! It’s perfect for off site education classes, off site clients and absolutely perfect for traveling! I highly recommend this bag to any and all stylist!

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